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April 12th, 2009

09:56 am - Robin Hood 3x03 Re-Watch
This is my first time reviewing anything. I just thought i'd give a go at sharing my random thoughts about the show, since I have alot of them, and nobody in my house seems interested.

So here goes.

-Right. The road to Nottingham. There's alot of lightning. Daughnting opera music. Something diabolical about to happen? Me likes it.

-Random woman kneeling down with a jug. No one notices her. Appart from me.

-The Sheriff looks worried.

-Oh! An Abbot! And he's angry.

-The Sheriff doesn't want to repent his sins and beg for the forgivness of the lord? Surprise surprise. So out of character.

-He already has Gisborne. God knows what he's doing with him. Ohh, I can think of a few things. *Winks*
Now I feel a whole lot better. I can just about cope with Guy's absence if i'm given sufficient Gisborne's-busy-doing-naughty-slashy-things-with-Prince-John material to work with.

-He has to kill hood within one month? Or what?

-Dramatic finger pointing, accompanied by lightning.

-Big book. Some sort of religious secret? ZOMG

That was a pretty good opening to an episode. Maybe the best i've seen.

-Kate's mum has a ginger kid?

-The sheriff took ginger kid! She looks kinda scared.

-I wasn't anyway near the abbey last night. Unlike most other nights eh Allan? *Wink nudge*

-We go to the people. I love how the entire gang audibly groan. They're all tired of this the-people-will-always-be-on-my-side bullshit. Robin actually thinks he has more influence over people than the church does? He's WRONG, and everybody else knows it. There all seriously starting to loose respect for him.

'They will never believe us over the abbot'.-John. 'Well we'll see' -Robin. Oh grow up Robin.

-Wow i liked that special  zooooom effect up the toilet.

-Ew. Guards don't wash their hands, or clean their bums.

-The abbot trusts Tuck? Thats a bit stupid - Oh. Maybe he dosn't trust him. Well done Abbot. Que guards!

-Wow. Unarmed Ninja preist actually looses against the multiple chainmail-wearing, sword-carrying guards for once! Horray for realism!

-Did Allan just say he didn't trust Tuck? That's interesting.

-Oh go Kate's mum! I love her. She's much better than her stupid, big-nosed, whiney daughter. Thats the blonde one btw, not the ginger.

- Don't hide them in you're house! Has this girl got NO common sense?

-Kate listen to your mum! Don't be a fool.You'll get us all killed. It's true. Why does NOBODY else share this sentiment. On second thoughts, don't listen. Go get yourself killed before you get a chance to spoil this show even more than you already have.

-Is this sadish music in sympathy with the sheriff? If it's not then what's it's purpose?

-Did anyone else notice how long that villager's beard was?

-Horray! They're leaving Kate's house. I don't give a crap about Kate getting killed, but if teh gang put Kate's mum in danger then that's a different story. She's awesome.

-Robin hood is the last hope for this country. Oh shut up, Tuck.

-The bible? In english? ZOMG. There is definatly some huge degree of historical inaccuracy here.
  Well, we all knew Tuck was a revolutionary preist. But most preists, along with most people, would surely consider this blashamy?

-Aww more Much/Allan friendship. I love it, so much! Tell her she's perfect. She quite obviously isn't, but it'll be flattering all the same.

-Much is so cute when he's trying to woo. Omg aww, he's actually getting it right!

-You're dirty, You smell. Omg Kate you totall BITCH. You fucking whore! God I hate you so much more now. So much hate for that bitch called Kate. She probably smells herself, for gods sake. She's a villager. I actually want her dead.

-'A day like this Makes you want to burst into song'-Sheriff. 'You start off i'll harmonise' - Tuck
He made a funny. (
not exact quote, btw, just something along the lines of)

-Why exactly did much need to be on John's sholders to pour some tar?

- Vasey looks AWESOME covered in black messy stuff!

-God Robin's lines are so corney sometimes. 'I thought i'd put a spark back into our relationship' No you didn't. You thought you'd set up an entire rescue plan thought out exactly so you could produce that smug little comment. Like Vasey could even hear you from that height, considering where he was stood. Robin you're such a LOSER.

-Aww, poor stupid defenceless guard. He doesn't even try to stop himself rolling down those very hard=looking steps.

-Don't give him the credit, this was all me. Go Vasey.

-Another kick for that poor guard.

-John does alot of sighing in this episode. Alot of groaning too. He disagrees with this bible-in-english thing. It's blasphamy. Go Little John.  You stick up for what you think is right. It dosn't really take much to sway your point of view though, does it. Tuck shouts in your face and then you shut up. Good one *Thumbs down*

-I will no longer be your whipping boy. -Abbot to Vasey. Oh, the slash writes itself.

-This isn't the same church Guy tried to marry Marian in, is it?

-Te di I, Te di Um, Te-di-ous. Vasey has the best lines, without a boubt. He really does not care about the fate of his soul for eternity, does he? It's like he's sticking his midle finger up at the sky and shouting 'Fuck you God, i'll do what I want'. He's going straight to hell, and he likes it.

-The sheriff isn't whispering very quietly is he? The whole church can hear you, you idiot! Or maybe not.

-Robin tells his men to stop fighting. It's over .Oh Jesus. Quite literally. This whole plot is un-surprisingly similar to the story of easter. You can do the math. *Groan*

-Kate gave Robin an arrow head. Guh. We didn't need a replay. I think the rather obvious wink was enough by way of a clue that she had given him something. We aren't stupid.

-So the Abbot basically sacrificed his bible for nothing. They could have got away without his help, beacuse Robin just broke his rope with a tiny bit of effort. -If Robin could break the rope then why didn't he do it earlier?

-Much will never look at a pig on a spit in the same way. Wow. That was mega funny.

-The abbot, who is somewhere in france, is starting the bible again in english. If it was me, i really couldn't be bothered to waste another 10 years of my life. And seriously, why the hell did he give a flying crap about saving Robin Hood if it meant sacraficing such a massive leap forward for people everywhere in understanding religion more deeply? I mean, he's old. How does he know he'll even last another 10 years? God show, you are so stupid sometimes.

That episode was, despite my rather pesimistic review, pretty good. I'm actaully surprised how much i liked it without Guy. Next week looks pretty good too - there's a good-looking evil guy (my favourite kind) who used to play Charlie in Corrie Street.  Anyone know what i'm on about?

Thanks for reading :D

Comments please?

To tell me if that review was any good. If I get feedback I will do it again, but if not I won't.

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March 27th, 2008

12:31 pm
Okay, just to let everybody know this is my first ever attempt at anything remotely slashy or anything, so I didn’t want to delve straight in at the deep end with sex and stuff.
It is a small possiblity that i will write another, but for now it's just a oneshot.

Where do we stand?
Rating: PG
Summary: '“So, where do we stand?” Guy asked, as Robin turned to leave.'
Authors Note: I tried to make this work. Sorry if it doesn’t.

Where do we stand?

A late evening breeze was blowing through the entrance to an old barn in Nottinghamshire. Robin entered quickly, glad to escape outside’s cold air. He removed his hood slowly and turned to face the darkness inside. He took in a deep breath and opened his mouth to talk, but a voice which was deeper than his sounded out.

“Long time no see” Gisborne stepped out of a shadow, moonlight hitting his face. He looked older than he had done in Acre, his skin was paler, his eyelids heavier. He bore many days worth of stubble and looked rough, rugged but still handsome. Robin did not smile at the greeting.

“Not long enough” Robin said harshly. His stare was cold, hard. His eyes pierced Guy’s.

After a few minuets he continued. “You killed her” He stated.

“I know” Guy replied

“How could you?” Robin cried. “How could you be so selfish?”

“Selfish?” Guy shot back. “Don’t make me out to be the selfish one. And I didn’t want to do it, if that’s what you think!”

“Then why did you do it?!”

Guy looked at the floor. He mumbled something indecipherable.

“Speak up!” Robin roared, advancing on Guy.

Guy looked back up. His gaze burning into Robin’s eyes intently. “She said she loved you. She said you were going to marry”

It was Robin’s turn to look at the floor.

“We were. We did.” He said quietly. He glanced at Guy, and saw the other man’s expression was searching his, questioning him. Begging him for it to be untrue.

“Look Guy, we agreed! We were going to move on, we were going to stamp out these stupid feelings! We were going to be normal! She was my salvation, my chance at normality! And you killed her!”

“Well you may only have to get a woman to spread her legs to forget your heart but I cannot as easily!” Guy returned.

Robin punched him. It was a hard, sharp punch that was intended to push Guy backwards but, being the tall man that he was, he did not loose his balance. But it did fling his face to the Right, left a large red mark on his cheek and caused his lip to bleed at the corner.

“I’m sorry.” Guy said after a long silence, as he rubbed his swollen lip. “I regret it, truly I do. It’s just, I thought you loved her…”

“That is no where near an excuse!” Robin interrupted.

Another long silence.

“So, where do we stand?” Guy asked, as Robin turned to leave.

“No where. We are who we’re supposed to be; I am Robin Hood, you are Guy of Gisborne.”

“So that’s it? We just act how we’re expected to act?” Guy challenged

“If we acted any other way, we would both be outcasts. We’d be rendered freaks, misfits, we’d have no quality of life ahead of us! Who knows, Vasey may even hang us, just to make a show” Robin turned to leave again.

“So this is goodbye is it? God knows, we’ll still have to see each other. Pretend we hate each other…”

“Pretend?” Robin asked.

Guy smirked. “Come come Robin, you could have killed me tonight if you’d wanted to.”

“You’re so arrogant” Robin said. “You expect me to just forgive you, after everything? We’d already decided that we’d stop feeling this way long before we left for Acre…”

Guy frowned. “It’s not like pushing a button. You can’t decide whether or not you’re going to feel this way and you just don’t. At least, I can’t.”

“But Guy, don’t you see, we can’t feel this way! We go back to our other lives, our normal lives, and lead them. We marry, our wives bare our heirs, we die. We live like any other men.”

“Okay, so you go back to the forest and play the grieving widow, I go back to Nottingham castle everyday, look for a wife whom I would never love. You go back to robbing me blind, humiliating me, corrupting my plans and I have to try my up most to catch and kill you. What happens if one day I do get lucky and catch you, or you seize an opportunity and get the advantage over me and my men? What then? Do we kill each other? Do we do our job?”

Robin looked Guy dead in the eye. “We do our job”

“No. You couldn’t. Just like I couldn’t.”

Robin didn’t reply.

“I don’t believe you.” said Guy.

Another silence.

“Prove it” Guy said, his eyes not leaving Robin’s.

“I don’t have to prove myself to you” Robin spat

“Oh I think you do”

There was another long silence. Robin’s hand trembled as it rested on the dagger in the side of his belt. Guy was so sure of himself, and Robin hated it. But he was right.

“See” Guy smirked, his arrogance returning. Robin punched him again, harder this time, and he stumbled back a bit. Guy squinted as he touched the raw skin on his cheek.

“Fine. We’ll play it your way.” Guy said “We’ll pretend we don’t feel anything. Who knows, in time we might even start to believe it” His tone was meant to be harsh, but it sounded more hurt than anything else.

As Guy moved to pass Robin, Robin turned his head towards him unintentionally and Guy turned his, about to say something until he realised the close proximity of the two men’s faces. Robin had noticed too. Guy’s electric blue eyes met Robin’s murky ones. He could feel Guy’s slow, gentle breath on his face, on his lips…

He couldn’t stop himself from putting his lips on Guy’s. They kissed, more than a kiss now, Robin had opened his mouth to Guy’s and their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths desperately.

Robin wanted to run, but it just felt so right. He knew if he carried on much longer, Guy’s hands would find the lacing on his trousers… and once that began he knew he would be totally powerless to stop. He needed to break off. He couldn’t go there…

Without warning he bit down hard on Guy’s bottom lip, drawing blood. Guy pulled away and swore loudly, as robin spat Guy’s metallic tasting blood out of his own mouth.

“I hate you Gisborne.” He said, restoring his hood and  leaving the barn as quickly as he could.

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March 24th, 2008

07:08 pm - RH ICONS


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March 1st, 2008

08:54 pm
Chapter 3 of My fic, Outlawed, is now up.

Title: Outlawed - Chapter 3
Author: Sapphbean
Characters: Guy/Marian, Allan/Oc
Spoilers: Not really

Chapter 3

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08:42 pm - Oneshot fic - 'Does it hurt?'
Title: Does it hurt?
Author: Sapphbean
Characters: Guy
Spoilers: Episodes 2.13

Author's note: Please excuse any spelling or grammer mistakes, I wrote quite quickly when my internet was down (sigh) Anyway, I refer to Guy  in this as 'him' except at one point right at the end, because it just seemed to flow onto the page like that. I refer to Marain as 'her' because that just fitted too, and it seemes to work. Please R&R!!!

Does it hurt?

She was looking at him. Smiling at him, no laughing at him. Her eyes, they told him he’d lost her. Every last scrap of her heart was out of his reach, every last scrap belonged to Robin hood. She was daring him, to do it. Her words, and her eyes, were daring him to do it. To kill her. She was saving England, and after all that’s all she cared for. She was smiling, encouraging him. She knew it would consume his whole soul in darkness. Take him to the point of no redemption. She knew it would kill him. And she hated him. So she dared him to do it, to kill her and in turn as good as kill himself. And he did. He wanted it. He wanted more than anything to become dead inside, to stop this pain that had so recently erupted in him. Nothing could hurt him if he was dead inside. And so he lunged forward, plunging his heavy sword far through her side. Killing her. Killing his soul. No more pain.

She groaned in pain. She shot him one last look that seemed to last forever. She was in pain, but her pain would soon be over. Her eyes mocked him. He had been stupid enough to believe that he would never hurt now. On the contrary, he was now hurting more deeply than he had ever done before.

And he dreamt of her. Every night, since that day, the same dreams. - She was sitting besides him in Locksley by the fire. His hand was in hers. She smiled kindly at him. Then suddenly Robin would appear next to her, kissing the back of her neck, both of them laughing, kissing. And then she would say; ‘You’re alone now. You’ll die alone. Not like me. I’ll die beside the man I love, who loves me back. No body will ever love you.’ And then a heavy sword would appear in her side. Robin would lift her into his arms, lay her down and begin to cry as they whispered words of love to one another. Then she would disappear, Robin left alone. Robin would have a dagger in his hand, and he would stand up and advance on him. Robin would hold it out at arm length for him to take, and would begin to speak in her voice. ‘Take it. Do it. It’s by your bedside now. Wake up and do it. Straight through the heart. Nobody would miss you, many would be glad. And you would be free of this dream’ And then she would appear again, walking towards him, the blade protruding from her side…

And he would always wake at that point. Curiously, he would always wake facing the table beside his bed on the boat, where his dagger lay. He would consider taking it. A few times he had, held it up and watched the morning light dance off it. What was waiting for him on the other side? He knew his crimes were to severe and cruel for it to be heaven, he knew he would go to the burning pits below. But would he get one last chance to see those, whom he had loved and lost? His mother, his father, his elder brother, his babe sister, his childhood friends. Her. Surely she would take the opportunity to taunt him. To twist the knife further into his already heavily wounded back. But what was there to keep him here? Was there any reason he shouldn’t find out what awaited him?

And it was a cold night. He was out on deck, looking over the rough sea, trying to firmly hold his stomach. He made his way to the edge of the boat. Sea air travelled through his untamed hair, messing it further. His leather coat clung to his clammy skin. He wanted to burst out of it, burst out of his skin, even. He looked up at the stars. His mother had loved the stars. She had told him stories of them when he was a small boy, stories he had planned to tell his own sons. She certainly had been as beautiful as the stars. She herself had died when he was only seven, she had taken a rope to her neck after a row with his father. The guilt slowly killed him, and when his lands had been stripped from him, it was the last straw. He had taken his own life, but if he hadn’t, The King would have had him executed anyway.

It was the traditional Gisborne way to die, he thought ironically, as he pulled himself over the edge of the ship, sitting just on the edge of the ledge. The leather he wore was slippery, the wet of the ledge was encouraging him to fall. The water below looked so inviting too. This was going to be the end of his misery. He felt his hand leave the edge…but suddenly another hand took hold of his, alarming him so much he regained his other hand’s grip before he lost complete control. He glanced back at the owner of the hand. It was Allan A Dale.

“Not like this” Allan said simply.

“You have no right to be here” He said, his eyes filled with anger at his former right-hand-man.

“I have the right to stop you” Allan said.

“No you don’t. It is my choice. Surely you don’t imagine I deserve the pain, not when I loved her so much. I was good to you. Allow me this small kindness” He said. His voice was too weak to inject anger. It seemed to have left his eyes too.

“But this isn’t like you!” Allan cried desperately. “Not even when your heart is breaking. You’re too proud, to strong. Go back to bed now and you’ll wake up in the morning feeling embarrassed and ashamed that you ever even considered this”

“Why do you care?” He asked

“Because I am also misunderstood. The difference is, I have friends who would eventually forgive me, who love me as brothers. You, on the other hand, have nobody. And it would be a waste. In time, people would know that. And I would grieve you. I don’t want to be grieving more than one lost friend at the same time.”
Allan smiled, his eyebrows raised.

He wanted to respond, but didn’t know how too. As Allan walked away from him, he suddenly asked;

“It’s dangerous for you to be here. I could go and tell the Sheriff right now and you would be executed by morning. You would risk that all, just to talk to me?”

“Well to be honest, I didn’t really think you’d tell on me if you were lying face down at the bottom of the sea” Allan called back.

And for the first time in what seemed like his entire life, he smiled. Guy smiled. He looked up at the beautiful stars. Tonight, for the first night since Acre, he wouldn’t dream of Marian.
He would dream of his beautiful mother.

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February 20th, 2008

08:50 pm
My first ever avatars, so don't be too hard on me if they're not too good.

I really dont know how to work GIMP, so I've only used the REAL basics. As i said, they're very amature.

The all of Guy, from Series one, episode 8 - 'Tatto? What tatoo?' I didn't bother including the first parts, like when he was with Marian, because I just didn't have the time.

Tasters: 1) 2) 3) 

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14)
15) 16) 17) 18)

19) 20) 21) 22)
23) 24) 25) 26)
27) 28) 29) 30)
31) 32)

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